The SUMMER hit for December featuring South Africas most innovative producer M-Poser and the unique kwaito artist EES from Namibia!

The Summer came twice this year and was hot – just like EES and the Yes-Ja! band! See the Making of footage of the Afrika-Karibik festival in Aschaffenburg 2012

This is Kwaito-HOUSE music in NAM Flava style! the second single of the Hit album “Africa is the Future” by EES.The instrumental was produced by Mathias Baer – a well knows german producer from Cologne!

“YA ROCKA!” the 4th music video from the new EES hit album “Megaphone Ghazzie”! featuring the hit makers “Fresh Family”

“SO GEHT DAS!” the official kwaito song for the European Soccer Cup 2012 and the third music video from the new EES hit album “Megaphone Ghazzie”!

YES-Jaaa! see they can do what dey want, they can manipulate as much as they like – BUT THEY WILL NEWWA HOLD US DOWN!!produced by: URs We believe in the REALNESS of music and will keep on pushing it – NAM FLAVA KWAITO – Awee’!

the official Music Video – What Dey Fighting For? by EES featuring Mr. Ras Sheehama. produced by URs Productions.

hier sind 2 Namibian-Boys die bischen kwaito “NAM Flava” nach Deutschland bringen!.Wenn ihr euch wundert warum wir so komisch talken – das is “NAM-släng” aus Afrika.