You love the music and the fresh energy that “EES” brings us”? You want to support HIM with all your heart and finally have a SAY what you want to listen to on radio? Then be part of the online EES – MEGAPHONE GHAZZIES!!

Your VOTE counts – every vote counts – as we will find all the possible online voting opportunities for you (post them) – and all you have to do is give us your VOTE! EVERYBODY that joins this GROUP will get free and unreleased EES songs – will be the first to see new Videos- behind the scenes footage, and win Free Show Tickets!

The internet has already been a great help for many REVOLUTIONS, and we have been controlled by the music industry for way too long anyway! NOW …its time we let them know what WE WANT TO HEAR AND SEE! so a “Megaphone Ghazzie” is someone who speaks his mind and shows ACTION!!! Simply send an email with your full name and your skills, you want to bring into the TEAM to: powerteam@eesy-ees.com

…and LETs HAVE FUN!!!

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